All prices are including 21% VAT

Standard EM-saddle
(including black patent welting, lining and extra soft seat)
Possible in black and brown
€ 2695,=
Within the EU(outside The Netherlands):
With our foreign representative.
€ 2795,=
Tree made to measurements by template€ 75,=
Different colour welting no extra charge
Patent on the cantle:
(black, red, blue and brown)
€ 90,=
Black crocodile print on the cantle€ 90,=
Patent front facings€ 90,=
Patent back facings€ 90,=
Patent on forpiece€ 45,=
Wellup stirrup bars (3/5 holes)€ 120,=
Nameplate (without engraving) € 50,=
All covered in calf leather€ 450,=